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Emerge: Harvey County

Who We Are

We are the future of Harvey County. We are the 18+ year olds who are just starting out in our careers – the young students, business owners, employees, and striving talent that will be the next generation of leaders in the area. Why does all of this matter? It matters because Emerge believes in a vibrant future for Harvey County. We have a strong and unified purpose, and we work to support our future leaders by offering opportunities for growth, engagement, service and much more.

To fulfill our broad promise to our members and to the Harvey County community, Emerge meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month for Lunch & Learn at 12:00 pm, and the 3rd Thursday of each month for Coffee & Networking at 7:00 am. Emerge council members meet on the 1st Thursday of each month. Our programs offer the opportunity for our leaders to grow, get engaged, and serve.

Our Purpose: The purpose of Emerge: Harvey County is to connect emerging leaders to build a thriving Harvey County.


SCREENJanuary 2021 Coffee & Networking

SCREENDowntown Clean Up Fall 2020

SCREENSand Creek Clean Up Summer 2020

SCREENFebruary Lunch & Learn 2020

SCREENAngel Tree 2019

SCREENSand Creek Cleanup 2018

SCREENFall Social Hour 2018

SCREENSeptember 2018 Coffee

SCREENAngel Tree shopping 2015

SCREENAngel Tree shopping 2015

SCREENSand Creek Cleanup 2015

SCREENNovember 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENTaste of Newton 2015

SCREENJuly 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENJune 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENJune 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENApril 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENApril 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENApril 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENApril 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENMarch 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENMarch 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENMarch 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENMarch 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENMarch 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENMarch 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENMarch 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENFebruary 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENJanuary 2015 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENDecember 2014 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENAngel Tree shopping 2014

SCREENAngel Tree shopping 2014

SCREENAngel Tree shopping 2014

SCREENAngel Tree shopping 2014

SCREENOctober 2014 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENTaste of Newton 2014

SCREENSand Creek Cleanup 2014

SCREENCreekside Pride

SCREENSeptember 2014 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENCollege Night 2014

SCREENWine & Beer Tasting 2013

SCREENWine & Beer Tasting 2013

SCREENOctober 2013 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENMarch 2013 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENMarch 2013 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENMarch 2013 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENJanuary 2013 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENJanuary 2013 Lunch-N-Learn

SCREENMingle 2012

SCREENSand Creek Cleanup 2012

SCREENAvcon Tour 2012

SCREENGolf outing 2012



What we do

Ways to get involved


Our monthly Lunch-N-Learns are an opportunity to learn more about the community and other educational topics relevant to young adults.


Emerge social events are free, informal get-togethers for networking and meeting new people.


Our community service projects have included Sand Creek cleanup, Downtown cleanup, and donation drives for various local benefits.


With so many members doing so many wonderful things throughout Harvey County, it’s not unusual to see our members in the local media. This section is a forum to note goings on in Emerge, and to celebrate member promotions, job changes, civic accomplishments, etc. Please don’t hesitate to make Emerge aware when you have been mentioned in the press so that it may be included here.


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Upcoming Events


Become a member of Emerge: Harvey County

To begin the membership process, we welcome you to join our Facebook group at “Emerge: Harvey County”. There, you can view our upcoming events and enjoy pictures from past networking mingles.

Next, attend one of the events at no cost simply to get an idea of what we do. We know that you will find our members to be warm and welcoming, and the presentation given to be entertaining and insightful.

And finally, now that you have made the decision to join, talk to your employer or directly to the Newton Chamber of Commerce. Often, your employer will gladly pay the annual fee. If not, the monthly lunches which are paid for by your membership more than make up for the cost of your annual dues.

Why join Emerge?

Network and build personal and professional relationships with others in similar life situations.

Become a part of the up-and-coming business community.

Develop a sense of ownership in your community.

Attend fun, organized events with people who have similar interests and goals.

Advance your career through interaction with community leaders.


For employers:

Looking to attract and retain younger employees? Research shows that when young adults feel they can make a difference in their community, they are twice as likely to stay.

Emerge provides opportunities for personal and professional development, mentoring, volunteerism and networking to help our leaders become more engaged in the community.

    Membership Level:


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    Our Partners

    And sponsorship opportunities

    As a not-for-profit group, Emerge: Harvey County relies on partnerships with area business and industry. Keeping the dues as low as possible encourages membership, which benefits not only you as the member, but also your employer and the entire local economy by having more engaged and informed citizens and a larger tax base. Businesses can contribute to the greater cause in several ways:

    In-kind Support

    Emerge incurs regular expenses of printing marketing material, logoed apparel, food and space for events, website maintenance, etc. By offering your services to our organization, you provide support to the entire community, gain exposure for your business, and allow for a significant tax deduction.


    Become an annual sponsor. Being an Emerge annual sponsor comes with a lot of great benefits, and we offer 4 different levels of sponsorship to best suite your business. A Bronze level sponsorship is $75/year, a Silver level is $150/year, a gold level is $500/year, and platinum sponsorship is $1000/year. Click HERE to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities!

    Event Sponsorships

    Being an event sponsor can help us cover the cost of putting on an event. It’s a fantastic way to expose a young demographic to the work that you do, thereby adding new customers who already spend time here in Harvey County. Be on the lookout for event sponsorship opportunities on our Facebook page!


    Active Local Supporters of Emerge



    Get in touch

    There are numerous ways to get in touch with Emerge: Harvey County to ask questions and learn how we can be of service to you in your leadership journey. In addition to our Facebook page at Emerge: Harvey County, you may e-mail us directly at emergeharvey@outlook.com. Or, because we exist under the umbrella of the Newton Area Chamber of Commerce, feel free to contact our Emerge liaison, Kelsie Weaver, at 316.283.2560.



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