Kitten Yoga a Great Way to Relax, De-Stress

This is the first time the humane society has done the kitten yoga. [Lauren Kingsley, NYP member] said the reason for the event is to fundraise and have an event in which people can take part.

She said people are more likely to donate if they’re getting something out of it, too.

“We’re just trying to facilitate it more,” she said.

She got the idea from other shelters.

“I’ve seen other shelters do it,” Kindsley said. “I’ve seen it done with puppies.”

She said that at Caring Hands, they don’t have as many puppies as they do kittens and that they’re not sure they’ll always have puppies.

“I’m trying to base all the events around things I would do, so I know there’s a crowd of people that would be interested in it,” she said.

Kingsley said she’s seen people in Newton take part in their other events.

“I think it’s because people are wanting to get out and do stuff,” she said.

Yes, the kittens will be there, providing warm snuggles and purring sounds.

“They’ll just be running around,” Kingsley said. “(It’s) just a regular yoga class with kittens in the room.”

(Contact Lauren at Caring Hands Humane Society for future events like this!)
Source: Newton Now Newspaper
Article and photos by Wendy Nugent


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