Local Center Offers Wellness Class

“You can’t outrun your fork,” said Dr. Caleb M. May [NYP Member] with Integrity Medicine in Newton, who will be at the center on various Wednesdays to advise people. There’s no cost to meet with him.

Although IN.FORM isn’t new to the center, Wellness Wednesdays is.


May became involved after seeing the Wellness Center was having Wellness Wednesdays. He wanted to see how he could help, he said, adding he can help with injury evaluation if they have any or how to prevent them, as well as recommend what needs to be evaluated to keep a person healthy. If someone who’s 65 and has diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, and is overweight, he or she might first need to see their own doctor.

“That’s a heart attack waiting to happen,” said May, who started with Integrity Medicine on Nov. 1. “The goal is to identify the risk factors and mitigate for it.”

He said he’s not there to treat but to advise what people need to talk to their doctors about.

Source: Newton Now Newspaper
Article and photo by Wendy Nugent


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