R. Michael Rhoades Foundation Awards Emerge: Harvey County with $3,000 Grant Match for COVID-19 Resource Assistance Program

Harvey County, KS: The R. Michael Rhoades Foundation announced a $3,000 grant to match funds given to Emerge: Harvey County’s COVID-19 Resource Assistance Program through the Kansas Leadership Center’s “KS Beats the Virus” initiative. The grant match will now give Emerge $6,000 to provide local businesses with resources to help make their spaces safer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“One of the several things that the Foundation focuses on is advancement of health initiatives, and the fact that your [Emerge’s] program is designed to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community caught our eye,” wrote Joe Robb, a Designee Member of the R. Michael Rhoades Foundation.

Due to the generosity of this grant match, the $3,000 from the R. Michael Rhoades Foundation will be added to a $3,000 grant that was awarded to Emerge through the KLC and the State of Kansas to carry out this program. After applications for the COVID-19 Resource Assistance Program close on February 28th, Emerge’s KS Beats the Virus task force will process applications and award local businesses with $6,000 in resources to help their businesses slow the spread of the virus.

“We are very excited to partner with the Rhodes foundation to make a bigger impact in Harvey County businesses,” says Staci Vermillion, President of Emerge: Harvey County. “Their grant match will help us fight to stay healthy.”

For more information about the COVID-19 Resource Assistance program, visit www.emergeharvey.com, or email newtonyp@outlook.com. You can also contact Rachael Gibbons, Emerge/Chamber Liaison, at (316) 283-2560.

About Emerge: Harvey County – Emerge: Harvey County exists to connect emerging leaders to build a thriving Harvey County. As part of the greater Young Professionals umbrella, Emerge is an organization founded through the Newton Area Chamber of Commerce to serve young adults throughout the county by focusing on 3 Core Values: Grow, Engage & Serve. For more information about Emerge: Harvey County, visit www.emergeharvey.com, or contact newtonyp@outlook.com or call (316) 283-2560.

About the R. Michael Rhoades Foundation: Mike Rhoades was born in 1942 and attended Newton schools, graduating from Newton High in 1960. Mike spent many years as President of Rhoades Construction Company and through the years the company grew and prospered in the areas of paving, ditching, asphalt and concrete work, bridges and other heavy construction projects. Many of the streets in Newton were constructed by Rhoades Construction Company, Inc. Mike was diagnosed with cancer at a relatively young age in 1992, not long before his death, having no siblings or children or dependents, he was determined to help others. He established the R. Michael Rhoades Foundation to benefit many areas. Over the years the Foundation has contributed significantly to these types of projects and non-profits to continue Mike’s legacy.


To apply for this COVID-19 Resource Assistance program, click HERE.


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